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Our Sexual Assault Attorneys in San Diego Can Take Action as a Result of Sexual Abuse in a Youth Organization

Enrollment in youth organizations is often an excellent opportunity for children to meet and socialize with their peers, develop new skills, or enjoy a safe space to spend time after school. Parents place an immense amount of trust in these organizations to care for their children.


Unfortunately, not every organization takes the appropriate steps to fully protect the young people in their care. Sexual abuse by a child’s peers or by someone in a position of authority within the organization is a devastating crime with long-lasting effects. The rate of occurrence of this type of abuse is disturbingly high. At HHJ Trial Attorneys, our sexual assault attorneys in San Diego believe that families and children who have had their trust and their lives violated should be able to exercise the full weight of the law in pursuing justice fully.

When criminal matters have concluded or cannot be pursued, civil litigation offers a means to seek damages and hold parties responsible for their actions. Our firm assists families with these cases from start to finish.

What Are Some Youth Organizations Where Abuse Can Occur?

Although many organizations strive to create the safest possible environment, it isn’t possible to predict an employee’s behavior after hiring. Thus, abuse is a possibility in any organization. Being aware of the risks and making selections and placements carefully can help to provide peace of mind.


Our sexual assault attorneys can assist parents whose children have experienced abuse in organizations such as:

  • Church youth groups
  • After-school care groups
  • Municipal or private youth sports organizations
  • Scouting programs

There are many other similar organizations where children could potentially face sexual misconduct. Our team can help you understand your options based on the facts of your individual case.

Who is Responsible When Abuse Occurs?

Knowing who to hold liable for misconduct and abuse is an essential step in filing suit to seek compensation. Establishing negligence can be legally challenging, which is why your choice of sexual assault attorney is vital to reaching a settlement or proceeding to court. In some cases, you could hold both the abuser and the organization to account for the actions. In others, only the abuser may be the target of a lawsuit.

What Steps Do You Need to Take When You Uncover Abuse?

If your child expresses concerns or seems hesitant to participate in organizations that they previously enjoyed, listen and understand. It can be difficult to process these events, especially for young children. When you spot the signs of abuse, not only should you alert the authorities, you should also strongly consider seeking legal representation. Preserving any records, such as conversations with your child or medical reports, is also important for building your case. Connecting with a legal team that is ready to provide you with its full support can help you find your way during this challenging time.

Finding a Team of Sexual Assault Attorneys That Know How to Represent Your Case

Under recent changes to California law, victims who suffered abuse as children now have until the age of 40 to make civil claims regarding the crime. However, when possible, initiating these cases as soon as possible is the best course of action. Doing so can be complex and emotionally challenging for all involved, but a partnership with a trusted team of sexual assault attorneys in San Diego can make the process less stressful.


At HHJ Trial Attorneys, we take our responsibilities towards victims seriously. With extensive experience and an aggressive approach to litigating these issues, we hope to provide your family with a path towards closure. Please request a consultation today for further details.

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